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Brick Construction

Party Wall Services

What We Do

Firstly, we will confirm whether or not you need a Party Wall Surveyor, if you do and we are chosen to act on your behalf, we will:

  • Advise what Notice needs to be served

  • Serve the relevant Notice

  • Prepare the Party Wall Award


We will also carry out a schedule of condition if requested. This is not a requirement under the Act, however if you have had a Schedule of Condition carried out and damage occurs as a result of the works, it will help to accurately determine the extent of that damage. If you decide not to have a schedule of condition carried out, it can be difficult to prove what damage has been caused by the works or whether it was there before the works started.

The Party Wall etc. Act 1996

The Party Wall etc. Act 1996 is an enabling act to allow a building owner to undertake certain specific works on, adjacent to and/or adjoining premises while giving protection to potentially affected neighbours.

If you are planning on carrying out works i.e. an extension, loft conversion etc. on or close to a party wall the works may be subject to notification under the Party Wall etc. Act 1996.

If you would like a quote for Party Wall services, or you are unsure whether or not you need them, please contact us on the detail below.

You can find more information regarding Party Walls here

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